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Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 01:05 PM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
My first week at my new job was hard to get used to (working days). But after the first week I was realizing that that I could actually do stuff after work. It was a completely different concept being I had worked the night shift (5pm to 5am) for seven years and if I got time off from work, I was on the road heading back up north to where I grew up.

On the start of the third week I got transferred to the nightshift and at the end of the third week I got laid off again which kind of worked out because I was able to go to Canada on a fly in fishing trip which was great. On just about every cast we pulled in a walleye (about one to two pounds, the good eatin' ones).

We Fest was a blast this year, we had really cool neighbors all around us (which makes for a really good time). The one neighbors had what I call the power hour (nooner) every day at noon. Its taking a shot of beer every minute for an hour and those left in it at the end were the winners (I made it to the end every day).

One day I was over at one of the neighbors and ran out of beer, after rounding the corner back into our camp site I saw another one of our neighbors who was playing the washer game (it’s a game were you throw three 2.5 inch washers into three holes to score points). Well anyway he got the idea that if he took all his clothes off except for his cowboy hat and sandals that he’d be able to throw better. I rounded the corner saw that and turned right around saying “don’t need a beer that bad”.

Later that night about 3:30am I was sleeping in the box of my pickup when Beave (a sixteen year old who was camping with us for his first year at We Fest) abruptly woke me up by shaking my shoulder and saying “Jess, Jess wake up”. I snapped awake thinking that if some one was waking me up at that hour it was either that someone was ill and needed help or someone was stealing our coolers. I sprang up looking around for the trouble, he looks at me and excitedly said “I got laid”. I fell back into my pillow muttering “dude do you have any idea what time it is, can’t this what until morning” and went back to sleep.

I think we all know about the flashing for beads thing, well on the last night of the festival I was talking to a young lady and she had a nice set of beads so I asked her what I needed to do to get them (the more tuned I get the less modesty I have, to the point that if you met me when I was wild-n-crazy one night then ran into me about a week later when I was sober you’d swear it was two different people). She responded with what are you willing to do for them. I though for a moment and said what if I went streaking through the campground? She said do that and they’re yours! Alrighty then it’s a done deal. So I striped down to my shoes and went streaking, I rounded one corner and heard a lady say “is he naked”. Then I turned and darted down between two trailers and gathered my clothes. By this time the alcohol was taking affect (stumbling, blurry vision, slurred speech). I went back to get my beads then staggered over to my truck, crawled in the box got into my sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep.

But my episode gave the masses something to talk about and they all came over to get me drinken again. Eyes rolling back into my head barely conscious but they kept badgeren, then a young lady came up to the edge of my pickup and asked “are you the guy who was streaking through the camp ground”. I look at her and responded with a bearly legible speech saying “yeth that wus me”! She grabbed my sleeping bag and flung it open then quickly stepped back saying “it was you”! I look at her again and said I already told you that. They finally got me to get up and as I was standing in the back of my pickup trying to put my pants on (swaying like a tree in the wind). I ended up falling over the side, after that they let me go back to sleep.

Some of you may already know about my attempt at ridden in the rodeo. There isn’t much to tell. A few of the riders told me that the moment you sit on the bull the rest of the world goes away, you don’t hear anything except your heart trying to climb out your ears and the breathing of the bull. The only thing you see clearly is the bull who isn’t to awfully excited about you being on his back. They also said that you’ll nod every time no matter how wrong it fells. I was sitting on the bull trying to get seated right when I heard “aaarrreee yyoouuu rreeaaddyyy” like it was in slow motion. I nodded “yes” said “no”, the gate opened and in a blink of an eye I was spiting dirt.

My cousin who is 12 was riding in the junior bull rides when he came out of the chute he slide off to left of the bull (his rope was not tight enough) and the bull stepped on him. You have to were a protective vest while riding but the bull stepped on him in the arm pit and slide its foot under the vest clear down to his waist leaving him stiff and sore for a couple weeks.

Monday, May 8, 2006, 09:37 AM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
The year 2002 was pretty much uneventful due to not having a job thus no extra money. On the day of the super bowl all of mom and dads goats decided to give birth (mom and dad have a small goat farm, about 60 head) so we were in the barn from 8am to almost midnight.

This winter we were having a real problem, with rats. So one night while they were having a tea party around the grain dish I let the shotgun come to life. The blast ripped through them killing four out of six. The next night they again tried having a tea party and once more the shotgun barked. After that they would not come out in groups. So I put the grain dish under the yard light making it so they would have to silhouette them self’s against the snow background (I was sitting on the roof of the house with a .22). the rats then only came out when the geese were there eating. They then tunneled into the chicken coop so I had to put a light in there to be able to see them.

I tried using .22 birdshot for the scatter but if you’re more than ten feet from your target you’ll only piss it off, needless to say I didn’t use them for long. This went on for about a week, then while in the feed store I seen some smoke bombs (sulfur smoke sticks) and being that every time I put poison out it got eaten up and still didn’t seem to slow them down. So I decided to try these smoke bombs. The next day I put two of them into two different holes in the chicken coop and watched. The smoke in the one hole started to give tell tale smoke puffs so watched it even closer (I did get a whiff of the sulfur and started choking). I watched it until the smoke stopped, then stayed there for about five minutes watching the hole and checking other holes before leaving to go to the sales barn. On my way out I told mom to check it before she left for work.

Upon returning we noticed that the sun us really bright coming in the driveway (the chicken coop used to block the sun). We pulled into the yard and went into the house where mom had left a note saying that the chicken coop had burned down and she’d had to call the fire department. Luckily someone was home and they were able to get the blaze under control quickly because the sparks were landing in our year supply of hay and the flames were starting to follow the wooden fence back the barn. Now if it wasn’t bad enough to burn down the chicken coup, the hole damn thing made the front page of the town paper (small town). A week later when we were burning the garbage we received several phone calls and a lot of drive by sightseers that were just checking to see if every thing was alright. I mean make a little oops alright it was a little oops that could have been a major oops, minor technicalities

About three weeks later the house on the river was broke into. The thieves got about a 100 dollars, took my collector knife along with a whole pile of worthless knives (which we got a chuckle out of) and a print off the wall. In order to get the print they had to physically move three guns and they took little else, only easy pawn items. Two weeks later the cops called and said that they had our stuff and the thieves were in jail. They were pawning the stuff in their own names. They were charged with seven accounts of breaking and entering.

At the end of March I got called back to work and worked for three months before getting laid off again, this time for good (it was a really good deal). With in a week I had a new job working dayshift. The weekend before I started my new job a group of us went on a canoe trip down the Crow Wing river. We were in camp whooping it up when we decided to go up to the bar which was a mile up stream or two miles by road. Mark and I grabbed a canoe and headed up stream (every body else was going to meet us there). Being a wet year the river was high and fast, it took us an hour paddling all the way. By the time we got there the edge was wearing off, we found a landing and parked the canoe (the landing turned out to be some ones yard). So we hot footed it across the yard to the bar and to make sure we didn’t forget we got a case and hid it outside. We whooped it up for about an hour and a half with no one else showing up we decided to head back.

Both of us were pretty well tuned by now and the one thing we hadn’t counted on was there being no moon or stars. I mean it was black, can’t see your hand at arms reach black. We put the case in the middle and jumped in, luckily this time the canoe didn’t tip over like usual. Being we couldn’t see the banks of the river or any of the rocks (I don’t think there was a rock out there that we didn’t hit). To top it off we had to try and find the channel to the campsite. The whole trip from the bar to camp took us ten minutes (that’s with pulling the canoe up the bank). When we got back to camp every body was asleep, but we fixed that problem easy enough.

Monday, April 17, 2006, 12:43 PM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
We awoke the next morning to find it raining pretty heavy. Our guides (Drew and Ricky) showed up about fifteen minutes later. After going through the formalities and safety rules, They said they had no quarrels with going out in the rain if we didn’t. I wasn’t so sure, being that sugar melts in water.

Since we were the earliest hunting group for that weekend we got choice of the bay dogs. One nice thing about hunting in the rain is you can move without a sound, but then so can every thing else. Now for the bad, the rain was washing away all the scent trails so we’d have to be almost right on top of the hogs for the dogs to pick up the scent. They did pick up ones scent and luckily it was feeling rather lazy and didn’t try to run (the hog weight about four hundred twenty-five pounds and all three dogs combined weighed close to a hundred pounds). Ben shot that one and lucky for him it made the record book with a combined tusk length of nineteen and a quarter inches (the tusk length is measured from the exposed tip of the tooth to the base down in the jaw). I got what I was after, one that was good eating.

One week after returning to Minnesota I was on my way to Florida for a gator hunt. The hunt was nothing like I had foreseen, we didn’t go out in air boats, or go stomping through the swamp. Instead we went to a drainage ditch (I guess it doesn’t matter were you go if the game your after is there). As for the method of catching the gators was a deep sea fishing pole with a weighted spoon hook being anchored with twenty pound test line. You’d think that a gator would break the line with little effort, but when a gator submerges it becomes neutrally buoyant (no weight). Once you’ve got then snagged they put up a fight like a big fish. “real them in, let’em run, real them in, let’em run” well you get the point. During the course of the day I helped catch and release five smaller gators (we put them in to a safer area. I was there and that’s all they would let me do other than run the video camera).

When they finally caught one that was of keepable size (six and a half feet) they let me harvest it with a knife (after they taped its mouth and tied its feet. Talk about ooooh big daddy I’m just a tough guy. Can you feel my excitement). Upon returning home with no new scares or even decent story to tell (unless it’s a group of young think their tough punks, then you know I did the crocodile hunter jump on its back put it in a head lock and drag it through snake infested waters etc. etc.).

I got back to work with three days before the x-mas vacation and on the last day before the break the company was having an employee appreciation lunchen at the work place. The night shift was told to come in early so we’d be sure to get some food. Well they met us at the door that day and told us to go clean out our toolboxes because the company was laying off. 90% of the night shift, 60% of the day shift, and all the weekend shift. To add insult to injury they told us to when we’re done cleaning out our toolboxes to come in and have lunch with the ones that are staying.

And that concludes the year 2001

Friday, March 31, 2006, 11:12 AM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
Luckily I had six weeks before the muzzle loader season opened to tend my wounds. On opening morning it was raining which is always a good combination (wet powder and primer caps). We didn’t see much that day. That night I took my gun (a .50 caliber CVA hawken named Maybellene after the Chuck Berry song, Because there are some days when I can’t miss and other days that I wouldn’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn if I stood in it) out and oiled it to keep it from rusting.

The next morning the rain had turned to snow giving us about two inches of fresh snow. On the first drive I was one of the standers, upon removing Maybellene from the gun case I noticed that the hammer was not working the way it should, it seemed to have a drag from something (the rain from the previous day had made the wood swell causing the drag). I started working it back-n-forth to loosen it up, it wasn’t helping. Then I saw a doe running through the trees, I pulled up and click, the hammer wasn’t striking the cap hard enough to ignite it. I pulled the hammer back a second time and click, the same process happened with six more does that just about ran over me (I was standing on a main trail).

Then I saw him or more I saw his antlers bouncing through the trees. I pulled up and waited for him to come out into the open. When he came out he was at a full run, but at the same the next stander in line (about a hundred yards) took a shot at a doe but misfired. The misfire caused the buck to stop not more than forty yards from me standing broad side and he was a beauty (a ten pointer that was shot on the last day of the season). He just stood there watching the other stander, I pulled up and click, again I pulled the hammer back with no better results and again one more time nothing. I grabbed my knife and popped the cap of the nipple and was fumbling in my pocket trying to find my lighter (to use the flame to ignite the powder load) when he casually hopped across the opening into the trees and was gone.

By this time I was very angry, I grabbed Maybellene by the barrel and was half a breath away from smashing her on the closest tree, but no she’s been good to me till now. In an attempted to not piss my self off any more, I set Maybellene up against the tree walked ten steps from it pulled out a candy bar and sat down to count the deer that ran across. No more did imagine that! I did get two, one later that day and one the following Saturday.

The next weekend a friend (Ben) and myself took off for Tennessee to hunt wild hog, a trip we’d planned since June. He is an ex-military and needs a time frame type person. So in planning he was going to drive and we needed to leave at such-n-such time so we’d have an E.T.A. of such-n-such time. Anyway we got to Clark Range Hunting Lodge a half day early with nothing to do. The brochure said they had a sauna and there was a young lady working in the taxidermy shop, so I went over and asked her (Georgia) what lodge had the sauna in it. She told me that they had turned the sauna into a closet, then she said that she was going into town to pick up a friend and asked if we’d like to go along. I said that I’d have to talk it over with Ben. We both agreed since we didn’t have any thing else to do.

Then I went back to tell Georgia that we could go along. She looked at me with a what are you talking about look, a complete blank expression (she’d already forgot what she’d asked). I said to go with you to pick up your friend, the words must have been moving in slow motion because it took her an awkwardly long time to register what I had said. Then she got really excited and quickly finished cleaning up. We all got into the car. She was into the trouble before the engine was fully running and tore out of the camp site (the lodge) without letting off the gas. I was in the passenger seat with one hand on to the O’shit handle, one holding the seat and one foot braced against the dashboard. She blew a stop sign and flew up the hill then double stepping on the brakes before turning into a driveway were a drunk young lady came out (not the friend she was going to pick up. We’ll refer to this young lady as Crazy lady).

Crazy lady staggered out onto the porch and asked in a drunken southern twang slur “wh what ya all doing?” Georgia quickly told her we were going into town to get her friend and asked if she felt up to coming along. Crazy lady responded with a teetering o.k., she grabbed her coat and got in. Georgia tore out of the driveway and was just flyen down the Tennessee backhills road with a beer in one hand an apple in the other while jabbering over her shoulder. I’m over in the passenger seat go’en "Aaah, you want ta watch the road there!"

A short while later Crazy lady put her feet up on the center console and asked “ar aren’t mmmy feet purty ?”. I looked at them, then to her and said yes your feet are very pretty! She responded with “rub my ffeet “. I looked back at her and said “WHAT!”, no I’m not going to rub your feet. She then asked “aarn’t my ffeet purty!”. I turned to look her in the eye and said yes your feet are pretty and no I’m not going to rub them. We then handed her a beer and she sat back and was quite.

When we got to town to get their friend we had to go to the courthouse because she was just getting out of jail. She got in and started complaining that she’d had to spend a week in jail, her boyfriend has been on the run for ten days, her roommates boyfriend been on the run for five days, and her roommate’s been hiding in the trees down by the gravel pit for three days and figure out why they keep getting busted when they live right across the road from a cop. By this time I was looking out the window thinking damn those are some sexy trees, I wouldn’t mind if we stopped so I could get a closer look at them. At the same time Crazy lady put her feet back on the center console and asked “aren’t my feet pretty”. This time Georgia chipped in by telling her that she had some cream for her feet and handed the vial to me. I took the vial not knowing what it was and said “what’s this”? NO NO don’t give me that and put it back in the cup holder.

Crazy lady asked again “aren’t my feet pretty”, I turned looked her in the eye and said “yes your feet are pretty, no I’m not going to rub them stop asking”. Crazy lady then nudged me with her foot and asked aren’t me feet pretty. I turned to her saying I’m not rubbing your feet! She then asked “why do they stink” and put them up in my face. I smacked her foot down just to have it put right back up there. In an attempt to piss her off I put her foot in a headlock and started flicking her toes. The attempt backfired, the only thing it accomplished was to make her even more frisky than she was before. Upon arriving back at the lodge Ben went to get his cigarettes while I was saying goodbye to Georgia and Crazy lady when Georgia asked if she could have my shirt. I told her that I’d give it to her on Sunday before we left. Crazy lady jumped in saying “you don’t have to wait see” and pulled her shirt up over her head. I looked at her and said “lovely” turned to Georgia and said on Sunday before we leave, tipped my hat to both of them and walk back to the lodge we were staying in, walked right past Ben who was standing in the rain smoking.

I closed and locked the door behind me. Ben heard the bolt latch and said open the door, I responded with not until she’s gone, and turned on the t.v.


Thursday, March 30, 2006, 07:53 AM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
In October we went on our yearly elk hunt and camp was a lot of fun, every body was sick from one thing or another and the weather was not helping. First it would rain then turn to snow with a lovely biting wind, then the sun would come out and melt all the snow making it just slimy. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the mountains in Colorado but the dirt is a thin form of clay, So when it gets wet its all kinds a fun. Well it went on like this for four days. All the slippen-n-sliden was not helping my ribs that were still healing from a sky diving accident.

But on opening morning we got about an inch of fresh snow which would help in finding the elk. At about an hour before sunrise I climbed the mountain (hill) on the other side of the river where I’ve seen elk in previous years. Talk about being cold! It’s not that I wasn’t dressed for the weather it was the climb up the mountain side that got me dripping in sweat and then having to sit and wait for the sunrise that made me completely miserable. As the sun rose the cold was almost set in to joints and I had to start walking to keep warm, I stumbled across a fresh set of tracks and the hunt was on. My temperature rose to an expectable level. As I slowly made my way down the game trail following the tracks and soon it was two sets and then three. Then I found a pile of droppings that were still steamen, meanen I was close. As I came up a draw I spooked them out of there beds. I was bringing the rifle to my shoulder and putting my left leg forward to stabiles, I stepped on a dead fall (fallen tree) that was baried under the snow, lost my footing slipped and fell flat on my back knocking the wind out of me and recraking my rib as I started to slide down the hillside. Once I caught myself and my breath (it was hiding in a squirrels nest) I started out after the elk at a steady military pace chanting “if I can still see your tracks I ownn you”. After chasing them for three hours through every nook-n-cranny before giving up and heading for the gulch (know as the black hole to the locals). where the elk like to go during the daylight hours.

But on the way there, four miles from were I was on the mountain, I got a cramp in my leg that hurt more when I tried to massage it out then when I walked on it. So on I hiked for the gulch, by the time I got there the sun was already starting to set and being that I had not been down in it before I figured it would be in my best interest to wait to explore it until I had a full day to play around. On the way back to camp I ran into one of the other members of our hunting group and we got to talken about who seen what and were. Because of the snow and wind (making visibility limited) we didn’t see the herd of mulies (mule deer) until they were on top of us (no bucks and not in season). During the course of the season, I didn’t see another elk but I did have a mulie doe playing tag with me. I was climbing a hillside and had just crested the top when I seen her and froze, not wanting her to take off at a dead run sounding the alarm. She looked up from whatever she was eating and saw me, but wasn’t really sure what I was just pretty sure I didn’t belong there. She took a few steps so that her head was behind a tree (the old I can’t see you, you can’t see me theory. A lot like a child would do). Then quickly popping her head out from behind the tree and stared at me with the “I’m pretty sure your not a tree but still don’t know what you are”. I didn’t move, just watched as she slowly came out from behind the tree and very casually made a shallow arc around me before stopping behind some brush where her vision was shaky at best, I took two pain stakenly slow steps. She seen the movement and quickly stepped out from behind the brush to get a better look. But by then I had already froze again and doing my best not to laugh. She began a slow and very nervous approach, trying to get some scent to help her figure out what I am. She all the sudden started to hop away then stopped and snapped her head back around to see if I had moved, I hadn’t. She then walked down the hill side and disappeared from sight, so I started to slip through the trees trying to stalk elk and heard a noise behind me, turned around to see what the noise was and saw the mulie doe trying to sneak up on me. She stopped and starred at me for awhile before turning and walking casually away. With the weather being so unhelpful, where you did have to wear a lot of heavy clothing in the mornings to keep warm and then have to shed it all off by noon was making things difficult because I didn’t sit. I’m just about always on the move, so every time I shed I’d have to hide it some place and then go back and get it before I went back to camp at the end of the day. It doesn’t sound that bad except that I average ten miles a day hiking with out having to backtrack.

On one day I was only a mile from camp and decided to go back and dump my heavy clothes. When I got to camp the D.O.W. (department of wildlife) was sitting there waiting, with the weather being so crappy, my ribs hurting, a mildly sprained ankle and having blisters on top of blisters my mood was less than welcome. I had just got in to camp and they approached and demanded to see my license, with my foul mood I snapped and said “who the hell are you to be looking at my license”. They came back with we’re the D.O.W. and if you don’t show us your license it’s a two thousand dollar fine and were going to take your rifle. My rifle is a custom made .338 Win. Mag. with an answer products Inc. recoil system and a leupold scope, in short the rifle cost more than most of my pickups. You’d sure been surprised at how fast my mood changed, I even offered them some snacks for their troubles. The weather finally made up its mind on what it was going to do and as far as I was concerned it was a good change. The sky was a deep crayon sky blue with out a cloud in the sky. And as hurt’n as I was I climbed up a ridge overlooking a small creek (from were I was sitting it looked like a pee stream) and put my back to a brush so anything coming from behind me would have to leave itself out in the open before they would know I was there. To add a sour note to this beautiful day, the weight of the stress from events that took place just before leaving for Colorado were starting to take there toll. I started writing a letter, while writing the letter I heard some noise off to my right and looked over to see seven mulies, two yearling fawns, four year old does and the mother. The yearlings would run down the slop like a young child saying “look at me, look at me, I can fly” and jump up and soar down the hillside before hitting the uneven ground and going for a tumble. They’d get up, shake the cobwebs from there ears, and do it again until they reached the bottom were they waited for mom (seeing this brought a smile to my tired body) to catch up. They then ran over to the creek with “look I’m on one side” then jump to the other “now I’m on the other”. Mom just walked up shaking her head with that old “if I find the one that did this to me I’m going to rip it off”. Upon finishing the letter the weight was removed and I relaxed, I relaxed to much, so much in fact that I fell asleep with the sun beating down on my face (it was the only part of me exposed). When I woke up two hours later the damage had already been done. My lips were so sun burnt that I had no feeling in them, it was a week later before I had any feelings in them.

That's Chapter 4

Wednesday, March 29, 2006, 08:00 AM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
We Fest was just miserably hot and I had two vultures waiting for me to passout so they could shave a heart in my chest hair to match Austin Powers. It gives you an idea on how much fun I had.

But the year before was a good time except I seen more “dick” than “tit”. Not a good average and it all got shot to hell as I was coming around a corner. Six guys were having an argument about who’s was longer limp and dropped there shorts at the same time. I mean there’s just some thing’s my eyes are not meant to see. Being the kind’a guy I am I made sure every body I was with seen as well, so I wouldn’t be the only one scared. I don’t know what was worse; that or when the guy at the bookstore was hitting on me.

Just a short chapter now. Chapter Four is MUCH longer!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 04:53 PM - The Adventures of Jesse the Wonderpoodle
Later that summer I decided to learn to sky dive, I had no problem going up in the plane or even the sky diving part of it (except the first jump were I was breathing so hard I sounded like a woman going into labor). It was the getting out of the plane where the trouble was. It was more trouble because of having to jump with my instructors where if I messed up someone else could get hurt.

All was going well, I only had to retake jump #4 (my choice). On jump #7 we departed the plane and I did the sequence of movements that would pass me to the next level. All was good until I opened my chute (I don’t know if you’ve sky dived, but when you open your chute you kind of bounce from the sudden speed change). Upon opening my chute I did the first bounce then the strap holding the chute to my harness on the left side let loose.

My first reaction was to grab the O’shit handle. So that’s what I did, I reached up and grabbed the one side still holding with both hands(being that I only had half a chute it caused me to do a pendulum swing). Let me tell ya when I was playing Tarzan across the sky. It was the most religious fifteen seconds of my life. Luckily the jolt from the uneven pull on the harness released the reserve chute, when I noticed that I was leveling out I looked up and saw the reserve chute opening, I thought yaa I’m saved. But then the half of the main chute started to wrap up into the reserve chute, I quickly pulled the cord to release the main chute and all was well until my landing approach.

Being so happy that I was making a landing approach, I came in with the wind instead of against it, I didn’t realize my mistake until I was twenty feet off the ground and coming in way to fast for my abilities. I prepared for impact expecting compound fractures in both legs, I hit the ground at about 30 mph., went into a tuck and roll and was standing on both my feet before the chute hit the ground.

Not noticing any damage to my self, I took the chute back to base camp and said “I think this ones broke could I get a different one”. They gave me a new one and we went up and made jump #8 with no problems. It wasn’t until the next morning that I found the full extent of the landing damage.

My right leg hurt so bad I could hardly put any weight on it, my left leg throbbed with a bearable pain and had a sprained ankle, My neck was so stiff that it remained in that same position for two days before I was able to have restricted movement and I was having severe problems breathing because of the bruised back and cracked rib. Four days later I did the final jump to graduate me to solo diving.

Chapter 3 is coming soon to a theatre near you!